Beyond the Spine of the World

Alfonzo rambles

May 23rd Adventure

Two things caught my attention today.
1) The frogs
2) The sounds of wood being chopped

My primary attention was on the frogs. These things are not friendly. Not one bit. Where they go, trouble happens. So, I decided to sort of follow them. It just so happens that they were going in the direction of the chopping noises. I do not think this was a coincidence.

I followed them for a number of hours. They either didn’t notice me or didn’t care. Either way, I was able to follow them. They quickly came to halt. I leaned against a tree watching them for a while. We were at the forests edge and I assumed this was near the origin of the chopping noises. They croaked to themselves for a bit. I figured they were just coming up with a plan.

I started to hear talking just pass the treeline. It was in common. It caught both my attention and the frogs attention. I figured if I didn’t act fast this could end poorly for any unprepared people. So, I did what I thought was the most prudent thing to do. I made my presence known.

I swung safely past the frogs and outside the treeline. As soon as I cleared the treeline I saw some people that immediately stood out as the adventuring type. I knew there wasn’t much time before the frogs attacked and I was right. As soon as I said “Hey guys there’s some frogs over there.”, a spear was thrown at one of the adventurers.

A fight started. Luckily I wasn’t the primary target. Another issue became quickly apparent to me. Just a bit south through the trees I saw a cage with what appeared to be something or someone in it. I knew I had to make a decision. I didn’t want to leave these people to fight the frogs alone. I knew there were a lot of them. So, I cast my spirit totem to bolster their strength and vigor. I yelled out that I would be back and sprinted to the cage.

It didn’t take me too long to get to the cage. When I got there I realized the cage was held shut with a rope. I had nothing to cut the rope with. I was just about to create a bonfire when the creature inside barked at me to use his sword to cut the rope. I mean, what could have gone wrong with my fire idea?

I set him free and informed him that I had to go. I transformed into a panther and sprinted as fast as I could to get back into the fight. The fight did not go so smoothly for me. I missed many of my attacks. I attribute this to not being as comfortable in my wildshape yet. Things will get better. I’m positive of it.

The fight finally ended and I think we cleared out all the frogs. Now I just might make some new friends.



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