Beyond the Spine of the World

(Mihdi) Skyfeather's Log 3

Bullywog it's what's for dinner

As the last Bullywog fell, We introduced ourselves to the new comers who helped with the fight. One of them said he was captured and in a nearby cage, so he was happy to be rescued. We told them we were there to cut a tree to remast the ship and they helped us with that.

Darastrix butchered the Bullywogs and said they were tasty. When we got back to the ship they made him assistant cook to replace Cavatina. The mast was replaced and we put the crows nest back up so I would be able to do my lookout duties. We set sail again and after a few hours under sail I spotted a ship flying black and red colors. I called down the information to the captain and he seemed pretty unhappy. I am not yet familiar with what the flag colors mean but if the captain is unhappy it’s probably not good. Maybe we better make sure the ballistas are properly ammunitioned, we might be in for another fight.



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