Beyond the Spine of the World

(Mihdi) Skyfeather's Log #4

The fishmen board us!

When we came up on the ship it turns out everyone was apparently dead. It appeared to be a disease of some sort, but the captain wouldn’t let any go aboard to confirm, for risk of catching it. We set it ablaze form a distance and once it was burning well and we were sure it would burn entirely we set off to a shipwreck site that a shadowy character named Zane had a map to.

Darastrix, Lev, and Alfonzo went down with a diving bell in various shifts to search the bottom for treasure. I stayed in the crows nest and directed the ship to move closer to the wrecks I could see in on the bottom over the next few hours as the dive team search the bottom. We had started to find some things of interest and were starting to bring them up when we were boarded by aggressive fish men. I am headed down to cleave their legs off at this very moment!



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