Beyond the Spine of the World

(Mihdi) Skyfeather's Log #5

Kuo Toa Legs its whats for dinner!

Those fish men, I heard someone call them Kuo Toa, were nimble and difficult to hit. I did de-leg several of them and we worked through them without very much trouble. After the fight we decided to have fish legs for dinner, so we butchered the Kou Toa and cleaned up the deck.

I dived with Darastrix to recover the things that he had found on the last dive to the wreck. We both went into the wreck to double check for more interesting things. I noticed that all the dead seemed to have some kind of stone coated on their bones, very strange. Darastrix dragged a large chest out of the wreck and we realized that we hadn’t setup the block and tackle up on the ship so had to go back up before we could hoist the chest to the ship.

Once we got it on deck we saw it was beautifully constructed of wood with intricate inlays. There was a large W on the side which someone jokingly said stood for wizard. On hearing this Thokk rushed up to it hefting his huge axe to destroy it, apparently he has deep hatred of wizards and their things, problematic as Darastrix seems to be one of them. Zane stopped him and said it actually stood for Wilkons. He said he had been sent to recover something inside and we were welcome to anything else that was in it. He then opened the chest and took out an amazingly well constructed musical instrument.

I found a glass blowers kit, which was useless to me as I don’t have lips so can’t blow into anything, I gave it to the ship. We also found a spell scroll which Darastrix ended up with, a voucher for a paid vacation to Neverwinter, so we are off to carouse for a few days, and some topaz and rubies.

The Neverwinter vacation is very good as I was trying to get there anyway to find out more about that wizard I need information on to further my investigations into the origin of my people. We each took one of the rubies and one topez, Lev suggested we give the rest to the captain in exchange for Cavatina’s freedom so we did. I have enough gold to get better armor and other equipment and still have traveling money.

It’s to dark to go down to the wreck any more today and so we will have dinner and we may go back down again tomorrow.



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