Beyond the Spine of the World

(Mihdi) Skyfeather's Log #7

New Companions

The food and drink were served and we dipped our beaks in without waiting for Lev and Alfonzo to get back from what ever had attracted their attention. They returned partway through the meal having rendered assistance to a patron who had far to much to drink. There was also something involving a dwarf. I never did get that straight.

Anyway toward the end of the meal we were approached by a man who named himself as one Ordan Visk. He was very interested in me as in a rare instance he had heard of the Ikwiikwii. He was curious what I was there for so after some consideration and conversation I told him about my search for the origins of my people. He said the the Wizard Reemus who was seeking was buried in the city and he could show me where. He was interested in traveling north with us when we were ready to leave the city. It was about this time that we were approached by a halfling women. Her name is Nellie and she had overheard that we were headed north and also wanted to travel with us.

After our meal we headed out to introduce Nellie and Ordan to the captain. He told us that in a few day when the ship was ready, if we after spend a few days with then newcomers we still thought it was a good idea to take them with us he would put them to work for the passage north.

After that we headed out to find the graveyard where the Reemus was buried and also to see about and armorer and there is an herb shop some of the party is keen to shop at.



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