Beyond the Spine of the World

(Mihdi) Skyfeather's Log #8

No it's our stuff, you can't have it.

Ordan nearly got robbed by a couple kids when he went to ask where the street we were looking for was. Alfonzo noticed it taking place and told the kids that wasn’t a nice thing to do. They ran off taking a handful of coins Ordan was going to pay them for the information. When he turned around from the incident he noticed the street was right there.

We went to the herb shop and Lev found the very pricy, very rare herb he was looking for. I asked the proprietor if she had any medical kits and said she didn’t but got very excited about producing some and asked us to come back the next day and she would. I also asked her about Reemus the wizard I am hunting knowledge of. She didn’t know anything so I continue my search on that front. I also asked her about armor for one of my small stature. Her uncle sells armor so I will check with him.

When we left the shop we were confronted by a band of ruffians whos spokesman told us to give over our belongings. My response was " No it’s our stuff" then I charged him initiating a fracas. There turned out to be quite a few of them. Blows were landed and wounds taken on both sides but in the end we cut them down. Nellie turns out to be very effective in a dust up. Lev healed our wounds and we are onto the next thing.

The sun is low so we will rest and head to the graveyard to see where Reemus is buried and search for my answers on the marrow.



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