Beyond the Spine of the World

(Mihdi) Skyfeather's Log #9

Dice for friendship

As we were standing over the bodies of the bandits we had defeated we saw some guardsmen pass a couple streets over and decided to scuttle away from the bodies before things got complicated with the authorities. We went to a nearby inn Nellie know of.

When we got there we order some food and drink and got some rooms for the night. We were very distracted and rambly way which annoyed the innkeeper. After we ordered a pale skinned elf fellow banged the door open and went to a corner table to sit alone. Darastrix went over and asked to sit with him. He was surprised and said no one ever sat with him. Darastrix started asking him very direct and personal questions. We found out that he was the necromancer we were looking to find so Ordan and I went over.

The table he was at was small so he suggested we move to a larger table so we did. Once we were settled and the food and drink arrived he suggested we play a game. He taught us a very fun dice game which Darastrix was the winner of. The prize was to ask him a question. Darastrix asked him about Reemus and he said he could help us talk to him. So in the morning he will meet us here and take us to talk to Reemus so perhaps I will find what in need to continue my journey.



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