Beyond the Spine of the World

Nellies Journal day 13 of my second journey.

I had a dream last night and it was similar to the dream who set me upon this journey. I was standing at the gates of Barrowhills when a woman came out from nowhere and she looked at me with a hard stare. A woman, unlike last time when there had been a man, a man i belived to have been the great warrior Moraan. The woman i saw was the same picture i had painted in my mind from the description in the history books. Her hair red, the colour of fire, her eyes blue like a cloudless sky, her skin as white as snow. This could be none other than Adelaide of Iron, or so at least i thought. The wife of Moraan and co-founder of Barrowhills. But the image of her seemed taken from the song the Lament for Moraan. For a woman who in these modern days would be considered a queen, she was dressed in a simple wool gown and a headband made out of silver. But she was dirty and dishevelled, mud and blood covered her and in her hand, she held a gleaming sword. It was as she had just stepped out from the battle, the first battle of Barrowhills. She looked at me and with her sword she pointed at the gates and said, GO! Just like the previous dream which I had first dreamt before i left but that time it had been Moraan telling me to go.

I am uncertain if this is the past calling out to me or maybe i am just going mad. But in truth, it doesn’t matter. My path is set and i shall walk it until i am done. So let me update you of my recent endeavours. As i mentioned in my last entry i had just arrived to the city of Neverwinter and the past few days i have been busy. I managed to find two establishments wanting to hear my story of Moraan, Adelaide and their descendants, the so-called Children of Moraan. In the third place, i was even asked to tell the story of one them and i choose to tell of Freke the eagle-eyed (Note to reader, the third generation of Moraan) who had shot and killed over a 100 Grobis in her lifetime. I also was very welcomed by libraries curator who gladly accepted a copy of my latest version of the history of the Children of Moraan and the village of Barrowhills. As he flicked through it he stopped and gasped.

“Is this true he asked me and showed me the passage”

I could only laugh as he pointed out the section where Moraan strangled the previous leader of the halfling families in the town square in front of the other inhabitants.

“Yes, so history says it happened, he was found guilty of cowardice and executed”

I told him and he just stared at me. Not sure if it was the brutality of the act itself or the fact that halflings could do such things. Since i know humans in these modern times tends to think of halflings to be mild-mannered and passive creatures. From history, i have learned that this was not true centuries ago during the foundation of Barrowhills.
Having fulfilled my goals here in Neverwinter i was planning to move on to the next big city and found myself in a tavern where i overheard of a group of people going north. I took my chance there and then presented myself to them. Asking of how they were planning to go north and they mention they would do so by ship. Trying not to sound too excited at this idea i asked if there was room for another passenger onboard and one of them an Ikwiikwii* who’s name was Skyfeather said he could introduce me to the captain of the ship.

*An Ikwiikwii is a small owl-like creature, smaller even than a halfling. I am sure humans would think it cute but i will not let appearances fool me. How often have i not been mistaken for being nice and gullible only end up being the last one standing.



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