Beyond the Spine of the World

Nellies Journal Entry 2

Nellies Journal day 13 of my second journey.

For some reasons, it seemed my new friends would need to buy some herbs and spices. Apparently they had used up some of what was supposed to be the cargo the ship was transporting. I did not want to seem nosy so i avoided asking them how they managed that. Having been in Neverwinter for a week already i tried my best to navigate them to where they could obtain these items. Now i do not want to spread bad rumours about human cities but i can tell you they are nothing like Barrowhill. I mean crimes barely exist in my home but human cities are different, they often have criminals that try to prey on other people. As we were leaving the shop we were attacked by such criminals, maybe they thought us defenceless.

How often have i not been looked down on by humans or even larger creatures thinking me unable to defend myself? Maybe because i may look harmless being so small in stature or being a woman for that matter. But for those of you that have read my previous entries you know, i am a trained soldier, having spent years stalking grobis in the forest of Mir. But i was also most pleased to see my new comrades were equally as good at fighting and could handle themselves quite well. So even though we were outnumbered we soon sent the villains running with their tail between their legs. Having traded punches with them i had got a bit roughed up but nothing serious. I have had worse injuries in the past.



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