Beyond the Spine of the World

Ordan Visk (post #1)

Amazed, Reluctant, Admiration, Apprehensive

I had not been feeling good this particular evening. Perhaps I was coming down with “The Sewer Plague” although I am sure it was just nothing more than fatigue. We left the “Herbalist Shop” and were surprised by some opportunistic bandits looking to help us from our possessions. We refused to give in and were surrounded. To be honest I was unsure if we would survive this ambush. I would do what I could to help my fellow companions. As I watched Nelly subdue her assailants I could not help but be awed. The way she moved with stealth and an almost acrobatic movement truly was a spectacle. To be honest I am both impressed and distraught. Her moves seem almost planned with such efficiency and quickness, but at the same time almost reckless, filled with such rage and hate. I find myself concerned for myself, the rest of my new companions and to be honest for her. I respect her, but am not sure if this same feeling even resonates within her. I have know such people and almost always this animosity and resentment comes from something in there past, something deep within themselves that one day they will have to confront. Those who haven’t I have seen lead very lonely lives. I am apprehensive though to approach her and learn more. I have known all types of creatures in my life, I love and respect all who adhere to the Natural Order of Life. Respect from Respect. I have NO DOUBTS in my mind that she is a TRUE ASSET to us. I pray she can put this animosity she feels towards others, especially Humans, aside and work together as a cohesive, functional group. We put down our opponents, or should I say Nelly slaughtered them. I was very elated with the outcome considering my pessimistic thoughts in the beginning.



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