Beyond the Spine of the World

Ordan Visk (post #2)

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I awoke in the morning feeling much better and refreshed. We all wandered downstairs to grab some grub, waiting anxiously for Igravok. Not much on the menu, so I just ordered a small cup of cider to tie me over. Although even that simple order seemed to much for our waitress who appears to be 100 years old and is most definitely hard of hearing, lol. Finally, Igravok made his appearance, and as before all eyes turned to him as he entered. It seems once again he wanted to play a game, well sort of. Maybe I had misunderstood him the evening before, but I thought that he had personally promised to take us to the graveyard himself and show us how we (or Skyfeather) could speak to Remus. I was wrong, instead some more riddles and a gift. Some sort of idol, that if we were to place 2 precious gems on it and place it in a specific spot on Remus’ grave and speak a magic word (e-teach-a), we would have our answers. We departed the tavern and made our way to the ship to see how repairs were progressing. We came to find out that additional repairs were being made. We gave the Captain the herb that we had purchased for him, fulfilling our debt to him and began looking for the 1 additional gem we needed, since 1 of us (maybe 2) had a ruby already.



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