Beyond the Spine of the World

Skyfeather Log #2

Masts and Crime

We went ashore to cut down the trees for the masts. We ran across various dangerous wildlife and some freshly set traps. Several of us were injured but we ended up with some good giant lizard tail stakes and the first mast.

Back on the ship the crew de-limbed the tree, de-barked it, and turned it into a proper mast. They then put it up. After that the cook and Cavatina brought out the giant lizard tail steaks and we feasted to a job well done.

However a problem arose after dinner. I seems Cavatina had been wandering around the ship looking for something to “spice” up her cooking and had gotten into the hold where the goods being transported were. She had taken some and used it in the cooking.

Well it seems this is a capital offence. They have taken her into custody and are planning to execute her when we get where we are going. I asked them some questions and the captain said the rest of us could make it good. Not sure how we would go about doing that so I’m not sure what Cavatina’s fate will be.

After a good night’s rest we headed back to the island to get the other mast. As soon as we set foot back where the tree we need is we were ambushed by small frogmen. I have never encounter these creatures before. They were croaking at each other in some incomprehensible language as they tore into us.

We took some pretty good hits and started to hit back. Almost immediately a very tall Firbolg showed up and healed us a bit then ran off saying something about getting help. Apparently he went to get someone out of a cage. Anyway at about that point several other people showed up and the firbolg turned into a panther and we rampaged through the frogmen.



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